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I’m Cheating on You.

I have abandoned you just this once, and have spent my time this evening on my favorite blogger, Heather’s, home space, as a guest poster for her weekly Wine Down Wednesday column.  I shall return to you, but for now, check out my post on some yummy Spanish bubbly here :).  I’m catching up on this week’s Bachelorette, so it is an occasion!


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Fancy Drinking

I’ve recently become obsessed with the idea of having a bar cart.  Particularly of the vintage variety even though I tend toward more modern.  Usually I’m more of a fan of having things put away in drawers and cabinets to hide clutter and make everything more sleek, but booze is pretty, right?  There are so many options and so many ways to style them – it’s really a chance to show off your personality and your style.

And these carts?  I NEED one.

Here is a great post about how to set up your bar cart.  Personally, mine will have a gorgeous shaker, Saint Germaine, these champagne flutes which I got for Christmas, and a unique decanter.

I mean, how happy would you be if you arrived home to this everyday???



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Go here: Cork Wine Bar, Dallas

Cork Premier Wine Bar in Dallas’ Upscale West Village.

It’s been a while since I’ve posted about a wine bar.  I don’t know why I don’t do it more, I certainly hang out at them as much as possible.  I don’t often stray from my usual haunt (probably because it’s a block and a half away from my apartment), the Alcove – I feel like I’m cheating on Luis, our favorite crazy tender of bar (I use that loosely, though, because most of the time he sits at our table and chats and forgets to ask us if we want drinks).  Though, last time when giving me his usual welcome hug, apparently he lingered a little too long for my boyfriend’s taste (though really, the dude gave my boyfriend a shoulder rub one day, come on, who does he love more??).  Anyways, I digress.

We branched out Friday night after dinner with some friends and wandered down the block to Cork Wine Bar in Uptown Dallas.  They have a great, really broad selection of wines, many of which are SUPER yummy (and plenty of which are not in a 20-something’s general price range).  The part that sets Cork apart from other wines bars is the way they do tastings (they’ve got to do something, they don’t seem to have a resident nut like Luis).  You can buy a card, like you’d get at Dave & Busters, loaded with money.  Then, you swing on by several curated stations, with a computer screen and about 6 different wines (divided into themes, like red varietals, collectibles, dry wines, etc.).  The screen gives you some info about the wines, you press the touch screen to choose a wine to taste, swipe your card which debits from your card, and they pour you a taste (or a glass).  You can also buy full glasses and bottles in addition to the tasting option.

Check it out – it’s a nice change, it’s fun, and you can bring in your own pizza from the restaurant next door.

(photos from the Cork website – click link above)

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Get Sloshed (in an age-appropriate fashion…)

Sloshed: The Real Guide to Appropriate Drinking Ages — Grub Street New York.

My eyes have been opened today.  It’s a cruel world out there (I used to drown out that cruel world by taking shots, but now it seems I am too old (please don’t call Betty Ford on me, I’m avoiding her)).  But, alas, everyone needs an etiquette lesson, eh?  According to this article, it is time for me to say goodbye to the shots, yet I’m not grown up enough for the fancy wine.  It seems the 26-49 year old range gets screwed.  And my poor friend (who shall remain nameless, but also does not read this blog so in the end it doesn’t matter, lets call him… Stan) that enjoys ordering shots called Buttery Nipples (but only if the waitress is cute and he thinks he can get her to drink one…) – what is he going to do with his life now??  (It’s also amazing they they got their own category on this chart.)

Also, the dairy thing is fairly upsetting.  I mean, what 26-49 year old DOESN’T want a White Russian when they’re bowling (shuttup, I did it a few weeks ago, it was AWESOME).  Big Lebowski doesn’t really reach the older generations the way it does ours.  Also, my parents fell in love over super boozey ice cream drinks called Velvet Hammers.  My dad was trying to impress my mom (as he was taking her out at the age of 22, with only cash in his pocket), they had (maybe several) of these apparently amazing drinks, didn’t realize how much they cost, so my dad secretly begged the waitress to act like he had enough money to pay the bill and let them leave without washing dishes all night, and he had to come back the next day with cash for her.  Cool chick.

My takeaways from this…

1)  I can’t WAIT till I’m 80.  I’m just gonna be drunk and old (and you can totally get away with doing whatever the hell you want, let’s be real);

2)  I need to find out where to acquire a drink in a volcano;

3) I need to learn what a “water back” is.  Cause it sounds fairly refreshing; and

4) Can’t wait for Christmas where boozey dairy is allowed.  Stock up on the Pepto!

Read the whole article for more cold, hard (ahh, reminds me of shots and ice luges again…sigh) truths.

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wine your way thin!

Forget salad, WINE ‘makes women slimmer’ | Mail Online.

BEST DAY EVER!  This article really justifies my lifestyle.  Finally, some science I can get behind.  Despite the fact that booze is heavily linked to breast cancer, it has so many other good benefits!  I already knew my blood would never be clotting.  Now,  a wine a day instead of dessert to stay slim??? Hollerrrr!  These scientists are sooo my people.

There’s also a similar article in the New York Times if you want to read more.

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yes, they do make wine in texas

One of my friends’ favorite things to do in Austin (really Hillcountry/Austin outskirts) is to go wine tasting.  Now, I realize it’s no Napa, but there are tons of super cute vineyards within an hour’s drive of Austin that make surprisingly decent wine (now, no one’s ever accused me of being overly picky about my wine – I do know what I like, but I don’t turn down too many glasses of wine).  Yesterday we went to two vineyards that I hadn’t previously been to – Driftwood Estate Vineyards and Mandola Estate Winery.  Totally different, both pretty fun.  Driftwood had good wine and an absolutely amazing view from a hilltop overlooking the vineyard.  It was much smaller and more casual though – the tasting room was in a structure akin to a trailer.  But I preferred the wine to the second.   Mandola’s is clearly more visitor-friendly.  The buildings were all Tuscan styled, very nice and new.  We tried 10 wines each here – and not one of those little tasting pours.  We’re talking probably almost half a glass of each wine.  By the end, we were…well, you know… floating in grape juice.  We finished the day with dinner at Mandola’s and it was absolutely amazing Italian food (though I’m sure after all the wine I would have loved eating a piece of tree bark). I’ll go back to both of these no doubt.

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go here: Apothecary Cafe & Wine Bar, Austin, Texas



Apothecary is a really great cute wine bar and coffee shop that I believe is fairly new to Austin.  I went with a few friends to celebrate finishing finals.  Clearly my friends and I partook in the wine part rather than the coffee part.  But in theory you can go and actually drink coffee there.  But you’d be missing out on great happy hour and reverse happy hour (best invention ever, by the way!) specials.  We had several great bottles of wine, an awesome Zin and an Italian wine that the waiter recommended.  He knew a ton about wine, put up with our craziness, gave us tiny little cupcakes (probably because we were there for…at least 6 hours), and showed us pictures of his dog, Ruffio (haha).  Anyways, bottom line:  super cute atmosphere, (cute waiter), fun wine selection, great food.  Go here now.

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