Welcome to my ramblings… I’m a newly minted lawyer (can’t believe that’s real!) that is looking for a work-life balance. Emphasis on the life. I’d like to fancy myself a globetrotter, but sadly since starting work that has not been the case. As you’ll see from (a good number of) my posts, I’m into most things culture – art, fashion, travel, books, food, movies etc. Mind you, I did not necessarily say high culture. I still watch bad reality tv, don’t worry. But this is about cultural topics in general. I am under no illusions that you people (even the ones I know, Mom) care about the minutiae of my day to day life, so I’ll try to steer clear of daily activities and stick to stuff that other people (might) appreciate. That said, I live in Texas, so that might direct of lot of the places that I see and things that I do. And no, I do not own a horse or a shotgun (though I must say I am a pretty impressive shot!)


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