Cool Things I’ve Done in this City Lately

I’m back from once again what has turned out to be a long hiatus.  I don’t really know why it is that I go through such spurts with writing things.  I guess it’s the excuses with everything else I start but don’t finish – I’ve been busy at work, I’m tired, I have too many social obligations, I’d rather sit on the couch and drink wine and be a vegetable.   But as I’m sure I’ve mentioned before, I lack a creative outlet in my otherwise super TYPE A life, so I feel like this is good for me.  Probably cheaper than therapy.  Like a journal.  With a lot of swearing and ranting.  And fashion.

Anyways, I digress.  In the few months since I’ve last written anything, I swear I haven’t been sitting on the couch (the whole time).  I really have been quite the busy bee.  I had a trip to Santa Fe for a wedding.  Another trip to San Francisco see some old friends from my study abroad days.  And otherwise, I’ve been nerding it up being super cultural.  There have been tons of fun things going on around town these days.  I know most of my three readers don’t live in Dallas, so apologies y’all, you can skip this post and wait three months for the next post if you’d prefer.

D Magazine 100 Best Restaurants

Last week my brother and I went to an event honoring the nominees who made D Magazine’s 100 Best Restaurants list this year.  It was held in the Trinity Groves area of town, which is the new up-and-coming (read: used to be the ghetto is … transitional) area of town (across the awesome Calatrava Bridge).  (In all seriousness though, this place will be hoppin’ soon.)  I felt like Padma from Top Chef.  Wait, I hate Padma.  Gail Simmons on Top Chef – loooove her (though I’d rather be more like Tom Colicchio cause he’s kind of an a-hole and it’s fun).  So, for the price of our event ticket, we were treated to an open bar and small bites from about 30 of the top 100 restaurants in Dallas.  All the big names in town, so great food.  It was a really fun and interesting event, and if you know the Dallas restaurant scene, you’d recognize lots of local celebrity chefs.  I’msuperhipandcool.  I have to say, it must be a lot of pressure to have to make one small plate to represent your entire restaurant/culinary concept/skillz.  Corn chowder though?  From a top 10 restaurant.  Interesting choice, not sure I would have gone that route.  Trying too hard to be breezy.  But overall, amazing food, and it was so great just to have one little bit of everything.  I’m thinking about becoming a foodie.  I will note that I have only been to 3 of the top 10 restaurants.  Good timing that it’s summer recruiting season at work…Firm, get ready to shell out.

Dallas Preservation Society Awards

Continuing the trend, another date with my brother.  He signed us up for this because he knows I’m nerdy and into architectural and historical things.  And he’s a civil engineer so he’s nerdy about stuff too.  I have to say, I was worried I was going to be bored.  But looking at these cool restoration projects and before-and-after pictures and renovations just really rekindled the latent nerdiness.  I left ready to quit lawyering and become an architect.  Dare to dream.

Byron Nelson


To balance out the nerdiness (or also cause the firm gave me tickets and I got to have the day off work in exchange for drinking beer with clients), I went to the Byron Nelson last weekend.  If you don’t know, the Byron is a Dallas mainstay.  Everyone goes.  Even people like me who would rather watch paint dry than watch a golf tournament on tv (or, is that the same thing?).  At the minimum it’s day drinking and great people watching (you, girls that are dressed to go to the clubz, get the hell out of here) in a beautiful setting.  And apparently if you’re a cute boy, you like to watch golf.  NOTED.

Gastronomy at the Perot Museum

I think this is only partially nerdy, because everyone in Dallas is SUPER into the new Perot Museum of Nature and Science so no one actually thinks you’re a nerd if you spend a weekend night there.  In fact, that’s the way to do it cause they often have events with booze and no kids aloud.  Now, that’s what I’m talking about.  It’d be annoying to have to shove a toddler out of my way of the dinosaur bones without spilling my Cabernet.    Anyways, aside from grownups only event nights, they have another set of events called Social Sciences.  Still grownups only with bars (like I’d go anywhere that doesn’t have wine), but every few months they have a sciency theme.  So when I saw Gastronomy (see above re: me contemplating becoming a foodie), I signed us up!  It was super fun.  We tasted wines (shocker!) and had ice cream made out of liquid nitrogen.  Grownup science experiments.  Super fun.  If you go, don’t let the booze distract you cause science can be super cool.


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