Lust List: Colorblock Bags

Welcome to the first installment of what (I hope) will be a weekly feature, inspired by my favorite blogger, Heather (who also named this column – I won’t even pretend I’m as good as her at alliteration – love you ladyfrand!); basically, all the great shit that I want to buy out there on the interwebs that I can’t/should not afford!!  I gave up online shopping for Lent, but just like marriage, you can look, you just can’t touch (email me for more iron-clad marriage advice and just call me Dr. Phil).

I’m a total bag lady, so I find it appropriate that first lustful installment would be bags (it just occurred to me that it’s  incredibly inappropriate to be talking about lust (in an encouraging way) during Lent…sorry…).  But…BAGS!  Be still my heart.  I’d just die for one of the Fendi ones.  And if I ever spend that much money on a bag, someone go ahead and kill me (and use the life insurance money to pay off the credit card bill).  Luckily, Queen Diane (Von Furstenberg) has some pretty great, fun alternatives.  ANYWAYS, I wear a lot of black and gray to work, so I really love these statement colorblock bags.  They’re multi-color, but I think paired with the right outfits and styling, these can act as neutrals.  Come on Easter, Mama needs a new pair of shoes awesome work bag!
Lust List: Colorblock Totes

Diane von furstenberg bag

Fendi tote bag

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  1. Love the “Lust List!” And, love all of those bags. My birthday IS coming up… 😉

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