House of Cards

Per usual, I’m a little bit late posting about this, but if you haven’t watched House of Cards on Netflix, you should get on it. Kevin Spacey is of course amazing – no surprise there – as a powerhouse congressman from South Carolina (accompanied by a sweet accent).  And Robin Wright, his wife, is really great.  I never remember her in movies, like actually having any meaningful of interesting role, but she’s very powerful in this.  They’ve got the whole political power couple thing down, which I love.

The format of the show is also one of the reasons I was initially intrigued.  It is for Netflix only, which I think is an interesting representation of the way that people watch tv right now.  In bulk.  Binging.  Hey man, I get it.  Some Sundays, a marathon of some (usually embarrassing that I won’t admit to smart people that I watch) show and not leave the couch all day.  This is just more broccoli binging and less junk food (or at least I’ll tell myself that on this fine 70 degree Sunday).

Power looks good on them.

One other notable aspect of the show is that Kevin Spacey’s character has separate asides directly to the camera and the viewer.  You don’t see this too often – I would say it’s definitely risky.  It totally failed in Sex and the City and it was immediately removed after the first few episodes (SJP, you annoy me).  Normally, I would say that the only one that can pull this off is this guy (funnily enough, married to SJP)…


…but the further into my binge watching of this show, I think Kevin is making it work.


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