I Love Rihanna

Ridiculous (yet extraordinarily gratifying) conversation of the day:

Me:  Walking home from dinner.  Caught myself humming Disturbia.  Neeever gets old.

Friend:  🙂 Brings a smile to my face every time.  Fall 08 holler.

Me:  When you say that year that makes me feel old.  At least Rihanna is getting older too.

Friend:  Rihanna and I will grow old together.

Me:  Just have to fight off Chris Brown.

Friend:  Nbd.  Ha, now I’m hearin’ Umbrella.

Me:  The modern day love song.

Friend:  I always hear you say that in my mind when it comes on.

Me:  Yesss.  I’m glad I’ve repeated myself enough to burn myself into others’ memories.

Friend.  Consider yourself accomplished.

…My work on this earth is done.


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