Friday Night Lights Every Night of the Week

This statement is about to make me sound like a lazy pile of limbs, but, what is better than an entire day devoted to a marathon of ridiculously good tv??  If that is not what should be done on Labor Day, then I don’t know what should.  A laborless Labor Day.  I have been told for years to start watching Friday Night Lights (the show, no James Van der Beek here, please).  I’m a bad Texan for not having watched it before.  But I am now.  Once again, LATE TO THE PARTY.  But I’m in a hurry to catch up.  I may or may not have watched TEN episodes yesterday.  TEN.  Embarrassing.  But I’m not sorry.

I started out being in love with Coach.  Duh.  He’s gorgeous.

Oh man.

But he’s married.  So, the more I keep watching, I’m definitely (also) in love with Riggins.  Gotta love the brooding bad boy.  I die.

(He’s not usually so smiley.  But he was shirtless, though, so this pic made the cut.)

Everyone loves a man in uniform.

Can you blame me for watching hours of tv on end?

I feel a little bit like the people in this clip.  (I’ll get my antibiotics after the next episode).  My friend sent it to me because he knows I’m being real crazy with the FNL.  Knows, and understands.


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3 responses to “Friday Night Lights Every Night of the Week

  1. mama

    possibly one of your best blogs. photos and utube clip.. v-funny. xo

  2. Mom, you just think it’s the best because of the cute boy pictures!! 🙂

  3. You know Tim Riggins (I think he has a real name, but I don’t care what it is) lives in Austin, right? Yet, another reason to move here…

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