Good Morning, It’s Game Day!

By far, the best part of law school was GAME DAY!  I totally missed out on the undergrad football experience because I chose to go to a basketball school, so I really had to make up for lost time once I got to law school.  And I did.  Yes, friends, college football season is upon us!  Every Saturday in the wee hours of the morning, my lovely roommate would prance in (usually with a mimosa) and sing “Good morning, it’s game day!!!” and we’d make breakfast tacos and drink mimosas with friends before tailgate time.  Alas, she has left me, and I have left Austin, but that does not mean I can’t celebrate game day as a grownup!  I just wish it was cooler – I think you need cool weather for football.  I’m hosting a party of the Texas-OU game in October and I’m already planning fun things!  Get ready!  P.S. if you’re feeling SUPER preppy (and went to an SEC school), check out this website and frat out.

A few tailgate essentials:

Game Day!

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  1. I’m so excited/ready for the TX/OU party! Hosting a gameday was def not the same without you. The mimosas just did not taste as sweet.

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