LV Trunks

So it’s been several (torturous) years since I’ve legit splurged and bought something awesome.  And, by something, I mean a PURSE!  It’s a sickness I tell you.  A (very practical) sickness.  Ok, the bags I’m interested aren’t practical per se … but they hold things.  They do a job.  So… yeah.  Practical.

Anyways, I’ve been browsing around on the interwebs seeing if there is my soul mate in a bag that I can’t live without.  I haven’t really seen much that is at all reasonable, but checking around, I was reminded how much I’d DIE for a Louis Vuitton steamer trunk for a coffee table.  Hell, if I had one, I’d serve the Queen of England on it.  I’m not really that into bags that splash around a recognizable logo, but for some reason, these trucks call.  my.  name.  Too bad they’re WAY more unreasonable that a regular purse.


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