Break from the Book

I’m free!  Well, temporarily.  I’ve decided to take a hiatus from Facebook.  I’m tired of everyone splashing around how happy they all are all the time (though really, when you post a “omg I have the BEST boyfriend EVER!” post, who are you trying to convince?  Sounds to me like it’s yoself.)  Do I sound bitter?  I don’t mean to be.  But when I think of the amount of time I waste looking at pictures of strangers, it’s pretty ridiculous.  And how irritated I get about things people post on Facebook.  I don’t want to see any pictures of your water birth at some hippie birthing center (that happened).  I don’t really need to see that you’ve checked in at the car wash.  Or see a picture of what you had for dinner.  And I REALLY don’t want to hear your completely uninformed yet very aggressive political opinions.  I have better things to do.  Like watch tv and rant write on this blog.

At the same time, I sort of have a little bit of FOMO (kind of like YOLO (gag), but not at all) – fear of missing out.  What am I missing that everyone else is doing?  Will I be completely uninformed??  I think that’s the magic of Facebook – you think you have to have it because everyone else thinks nothing’s real till it’s on the Facebook.  I have to remind myself that Facebook is not real life.  I will, though, probably miss your birthday unless you’re a close enough friend that I have it on my calendar.  Sorry in advance.  I guess I’ll miss engagements and weddings and marriages … unless I get one of those old-timey paper announcements in the, what’s that thing called again? Oh, the MAIL.

I’m not actually deactivating from the Book – what if someone new wants to be my friend??  (How did we find friends before the Book?)  But I had a trusty friend change my password to something I don’t know (probably relating to how fun and awesome I am…) so she is now the keeper of my Book, for now.

I think this will be good for me…

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One response to “Break from the Book

  1. mama

    i love it!
    i agree…i don’t need to know where you are every moment or what you ate for dinner last nite. Reminds me of the times that I asked my mom “how was the wedding (event, whatever) and she proceeded to describe the food in detail. I guess she was really hungry.

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