Gallery Girls

I’ve always loved art.  A lot.  I studied in art history in college, love museums, you know I care a lot about aesthetics, whether on the wall, in a room, or on my bod, and I’ve always had secret (ok, not so secret) dreams of working in the art world (very Charlotte from Sex and the City, I’m SO cheesy).  For the most part, to work in the art world is to be poor.  I interned at the Crow Collection of Asian Art one summer in college.  The director of the museum had been waiting her whole life for a job like she had.  She had a masters in art history and taught elementary school art for years for lack of legit art job opportunities.  This opportunity came for her when an entire new museum opened.  Lucky duck.  But those opportunities are so rare.  I remember my dad always telling me “just become a lawyer and you can buy art”.  Duly noted, father, you win.

Anyways, I have found that I can indulge both my passion for art AND for bad reality tv (who knew that would ever be a combination??  I guess that’s sad for the art world…) with the new Bravo (of course!) series, Gallery Girls.  The show is split between the snobby upper east side sorority girls (all fake blonde fake tan) and the just as snobby but ostentatiously anti-snob creative girls from Brooklyn (all pale, wear black, messy hair, red lipstick).  It’s just like the crips and the bloods.  Just.

All of these girls seem to work for free, stuffing envelopes interning and the upper east side ones are very open about how their daddies are paying for everything (this I believe is why Papasan wanted me to go to law school – I figured you out, Dad).  The Brooklyn girls act like they live there because it’s hip and cool, but really, I think it’s because Manhattan is expensive as balls.  Anyways, it’s fun to watch the fashion, the gallery openings, and but of course, as any good Bravo show, they deliver on the chick drama.  Until the fall tv shows start, this’ll do.

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  1. Heather

    Can you get on this show?! Send in an audition tape…

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