My Summer of George

Last week marked my one month anniversary, if you will (and I will!), of being single after quite some time.  I have decided that the one month is long enough to wallow and be sad, so now, I’m over it.  Onward!  This month I’m going to focus on doing things that will make me happier and healthier, and everything else can just, well, go away.  I’m going to do a summer of George (see below).  My coworker thought since we’re almost done with the summer, that it should be my fall but that sounds like the opposite direction of where I want to be going.  Maybe this will be my month?  Maybe my season, we’ll see how it goes.

So, call me George.  This is my summer.

I’m working on eating healthier and working out more.  I know that that one will for sure make me feel (and, as an added bonus, hopefully, look) better.  I just finished making this for dinner for the week.  I’ve run and done pilates this weekend.  I got a fairly major haircut.  I think next weekend I’m going to do a facial and a massage.  I’m not going to feel bad about not attending things that I don’t want to do or be around people that aren’t going to be positive and uplifting.  I’m going to (finally) have an attitude adjustment and be optimistic, dammit!

If all this sounds self-centered, I don’t really care.  George got to do it.  And, in the words of my wise, wise friend, I do what I want!


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