The Burn Book is Becoming Real!

I. could. not. be. more. excited!!!  The best and most entertaining blog around is coming out with a book!  Suri’s Burn Book book.  I’ve written about my love for this snarky blog before.  It turns my day around every time.  “Fly commercial?  You cannot be serious.  I am too delicate for peasant travel”.  True that, Suri, true that.  The book comes out in September; I’m thinking about pre-ordering.

It was also very interesting to note that when I was cruising Amazon to check out this gem, I also received the following recommendation:  Feminist Ryan Gosling: Feminist Theory (as Imagined) by Your Favorite Sensitive Movie Dude (?!?!).  Is that a joke??  (Ok, I MIGHT be mildly intrigued, not gonna lie.)  It also recommended the complete series of Dawson’s Creek DVDs.  Just because I like Suri does not mean I like Katie.  Suri doesn’t like her, and I want to be just like Suri.


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