The Happiness Project

Hello!  I am returned.  I know that I am prone to taking long blogging hiatuses, usually when I am drowning at work or having personal issues.  Unfortunately, I’ve had a lovely combination of both lately, but working toward recovery.  Step one:  I just finished reading The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin.  Oddly enough, I bought this book before I had even been experiencing my latest personal upset, but timing couldn’t have been better.  I know it’s pretty cliche and cheesy, but it really gave me a lot to think about in terms of being happy.

The Happiness Project covers a year of the writer proactively working to be happier.  She’s so Type A it’s out of control.  She’s got resolutions, goals, mantras and charts to track her progress (she is a former lawyer, so that makes total sense).  What struck me once I started reading was that the writer was never actually unhappy – she has a great husband (who sounds like he puts up with an endless amount of grief from her), great children, and a job she loves (again, she is no longer a lawyer…).  There’s no hardship in sight.  But she felt like she wasn’t appreciating what she had as much as she should amidst nagging, chores, errands, and your average day-to-day life, so she made a (ridiculously) comprehensive plan to change her attitude.

I have to admit, on occasion, I found the book super annoying.  As I was reading, I found myself thinking “bitch, shut up, at least you have a husband and family, I can’t even keep a boyfriend”.  But I think there are a lot of great things to take from the book.  There really are so many things that you can do to make yourself  feel happier, and so much I can personally do to enjoy my life more.  I’ve decided to make this more of a priority.  I can complain about working all the time, but that just compounds the problem.  I’ve decided to focus more on spending my free time doing things that are going to make me happy.  One of them is to keep blogging more.  I know I’m not a huge, popular, glossy blog, but posting is an outlet that I enjoy, so I’m gonna do it dammit!

I haven’t plotted out an official project, but I have identified a few things that I think are going to make me happier.  I’d like to find a new hobby or activity, or something that I can throw myself into and be passionate about.  I’m working to strengthen my relationships with friends, particularly keeping in touch with long distance friends.  I’m going to go to church more.  And I’d like to find an organization to volunteer for where I can really be involved.  I’ll be sure to update you on any progress.

Check out the website here:

The Happiness Project.



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2 responses to “The Happiness Project

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  2. stacyblaise

    I believe I’m going to buy the book. Lovely post.

    Miss Stacy Blaise

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