Black Bean Hummus

Black Bean Hummus Recipe |

I’m back from the beach!  So sad it’s over – it was a great time.  I’ll post about all that shortly, fear not.  I got in last night, but saw no point in going to work on Friday, so today I’m just a happy little homemaker.  First thing to note, aside from HGTV and the Food Network, daytime tv sucks.  And there is really only so much Barefoot Contessa you can watch at once.  Second item, the grocery story is MUCH better during the week than on the weekends, man.  Pretty much all I did on my vacation was eat and drink and lay around, and I’m feeling rather … full.  So, I’ve looked up some healthy, veggie-full recipes for the week, went to the fancy grocery store, and went to town on the produce section.

I just made this recipe for black bean hummus from Cooking Light, and it is yummy!  Hummus is kind of hit or miss for me; I like spicy and flavorful, nothing blah.  I’m also ho hum about chickpeas, so I was very excited to see one with black beans, which I eat ALL the time.  This includes cumin and make sure to add plenty of jalapeno and you’re in business.  It’s a little tex-mex-y – what’s not to like?  (You may, however, have to get over the kind of icky brown color … that means it’s all natural …)

(photo from, click recipe link above)

Event though I bought tons of veggies at the store for this specific dip, I’m currently eating it with pita chips … I guess I’m taking baby steps on the healthier eating 🙂


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