Flash back: 80’s School Supplies

[Warning:  NERD ALERT!!]  This post is a blast from the past, a tribute to the eighties (no, not crimpy hair, Kelly Kapowski biker shorts and neon … well, there is neon, but not what you’re thinking.)  Growing up, I was a child that used to wait by the door with my school bag all morning until time to attend my afternoon pre-school class.  “Mom, when can I go to s-cool??”  Like a dog waiting to go for a walk.  If I had a tail, it would have been wagging with anticipation.  So, it follows that I was always super crazy about school supplies.  I had sticker collections, pencil collections (most of which were too precious to me to sharpen and actually use … hey, they were collectors items!), eraser collections.

I mentioned my still-current love of school supplies (though now that I’m a grown-up, they’re called office supplies) to one of my coworkers (one that I knew was also similarly appreciative), and she brought me straight back to my childhood by mentioning … LISA FRANK.  If you went to elementary school in the ’80’s or ’90’s, take a moment, and you will remember the awesomeness that is Lisa Frank!  Oh, you may also need to be of the female variety as well.

Anyways, they still make this stuff!  The sight looks a little bit more modern than my time (I mean, in my time, there was NO interweb, so there’s that), but the design looks more modern.  Below is what they’ve got going on now.  They also sell apparel on their website, so that is new and different (and a little much .. I find this stuff best in small doses… sorry future daughter.)

Upon further Google, I have looked up vintage Lisa Frank.  There appears to be quite a market on Ebay (of course!).  I kind of want this.  This is more what I remember – a little more low def.; pretty sure that was my lunch box after I became too much of a Big Girl to carry my Big Bird lunch box:

Continuing down memory lane, does anyone remember fuzzy stickers?  And oily stickers??  SMELLY STICKERS???  Man, I hope my mom still has all my ridiculous collections somewhere in storage.

Even better, TRAPPER KEEPERS??  Upon some mild research, I have found out that they still kind of make them, but they don’t look nearly as cool as they used to.  Check out this site for the good stuff.  I guess I’m going to have order my kids vintage ones off Ebay just so they can be as cool as I was.  Along with a stone-washed Zack Morris jean jacket and some hightops.  (Or I’ll just order one now and swap it for my yellow legal pad.  Just as lawyerly.)

How awesome is this?!?:

Man, kids these days must have the best shit.  I would have had the BEST school supply collections if we’d had the interwebs growing up.  Oh, to imagine…

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  1. LOL, I think I am guilty of having all of these. 😉 Great post.

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