Victoria’s Throne

Searching for Victoria’s Chair from the TV Show “Revenge”–and the Real Grayson Mansion.

I have been working my little tail off lately, so no free time to post or do fun things.  But when I get home from a long day, I can’t just to go sleep, I need to decompress (gotta have my wine, hello?!?!).  As you know, I heart me some bad tv, so as I crawled home from work today, finding out a new episode of Revenge was on really made things begin to look up.  Gossip, style, scandal, Gossip Girl meets the Hamptons… duh.  I’ve been eying this chair for the entire season.  It’s so cool.  Victoria Grayson, you are evil and fabulous!

I don’t know what people did before Google, seriously.  BUT of course, it told me that several blogs have also looked into this chair and tracked down very similar pieces, see link above.  I’m sure I could find it a place for it somewhere in my apartment.  I’m pretty sure it would make me immediately more fancy yet mean and manipulative (what everyone dreams of becoming, I’m sure).

This one looks pretty good, I believe from Homegoods (next online shop stop) [photo credit from the above-linked blog – thank you!).  Minus the teddy bear.   Evil, manipulative b-words can’t have teddy bears.  Just evil victorian dolls with no souls.

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