Desert Bloom

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I just got home from 15+ hours at the office (face palm).  Don’t worry, first thing I did besides take off my heels was to pour a glass of wine.  Now that I’m finally winding down on the couch, I’m overwhelmed by the awesome smell of my grocery store purchased lilies (best $9.99 I’ve spent lately … aside from the bottle of wine…).  But really, having pretty, happy living things around is just SO therapeutic.  With that in mind, I’ve been on the lookout for plants to have in my office (since I’m there most of the time anyways…).  I can’t bring a bouquet of flowers to work – seems a little much (even though I have no problem buying them for myself at home), and the boyfriend refuses hints about work flower deliveries (invites a lot of questions anyways – what did he do??  Is he in trouble??  No, Gladys Kravitz, go away).  Plus, the one plant I had in my office died a brutal death of neglect.  In fact, a co-worker stole it “rescued it” acting like he was freaking child protective services.  Sorry, my thumbs aren’t green.   SO, I’ve finally found the perfect solution – succulents.  Cactus-like (so I’m hoping perfectly sustainable with the nurturing that it will NOT receive), but still pretty happy colors!  Plus, they look super unique.  So of course I ordered them online from this Etsy shop.  I ordered a pot and a variety of seven different ones. I’m eagerly awaiting delivery and will report back!

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