RIP the Bachelor (and probably your relationship)

Peek Into a Hilarious Sketchbook All About The Bachelor — Vulture.

This website is great.  So many fun sketches about the Bachelor – look at them!!!   This chick has an amazing ability for caricature.  Ben looks like total goob that he is.  And “the Michael Phelps of Reality TV Contestants – Winning! Winning!” – come on!  Haha.  Courtney looks oddly like Jesus… but a Jesus that WINS!  And finally, slide 10 – Ben kissing/eating a girl?  Yeah, you can tell he is a gross kisser just from watching it.   Sorry Courtney.  You DID win though.

I’ve been feeling a little empty place in my heart/life/liver since the Bachelor has ended (even though I didn’t really like him… or any of the finalists for that matter.  But there was wine!  Who doesn’t like to have excuses to drink wine with girlfriends on a Monday night?!  What a great way to make life better on a Monday!)  But looking at these slides makes me slap myself across the face, tell myself to get a grip, the Bachelor blows, and really… just reinforces that you can have wine any freaking Monday you want, regardless of what kind of bad reality tv is on.  Winning!

Emily for the next Bachelorette!  (after that other blonde Emily from the south)…

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