Spring is for Puppy Love

Whenever I am having a bad day and am feeling sad and mopey, I look at bulldogs online.  Men look at porn, I look at bulldog puppies.  Puppy porn (blasphemy!)  Well, normally, I have wine in my pjs, but at work they frown upon that.  I mean, we’re not even Business Casual.  I used to shop online when I was blue, but I gave that up for Lent (worst decision ever!  I feel like I’ve missed out on many a spring-colored skinny jean from the Gap.  And a fab Rebecca Taylor dress and tank ON SALE on shopbop.com – if that wasn’t the Devil tempting Jesus, I just don’t know what is.)  Anyways, I thought the bulldog thing was a secret/unique habit of mine, but today, I received an email from a coworker full of bulldog puppy pictures!  She apparently was stressed out too.  What is it about the crazy, rolly-poly smushed faces that just make you feel better?  Anyways, I totally one-upped her with all my non-narcotic … well, uppers.  So, I thought I might share, in case anyone is having a bad day.

This is my personal fave.  It’s from Cute Overload:

Source: cuteoverload.com via lindsey on Pinterest

I need a paw like that to comfort me in my time of need.  Though, my bulldog will be a girl.  She’ll wear a bow so everyone knows she’s a lady.

Next up:


I die!

And here are my favorite two videos:

Poor guy’s little butt won’t fit in his box.  You can see his sad face =(  Poor guy’s embarrassed he’s carrying a little junk in the trunk.  I feel ya, buddy.

Finally, meet GUS!  He does what he wants and he GETS IT DONE.  Indoor pools are definitely better anyways.  He must live in Texas … trying to get out of the heat.

Enjoy.  Hope this brightens your day!

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One response to “Spring is for Puppy Love

  1. Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog! Can’t wait to see what else we have in common, besides an undying love of puppies. These photos/vids are SO CUTE OMG. Love love love the first photo.


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