My Betty Crocker Bowl

In honor of the Super Bowl, which, by the way I did NOT care a lick about, I baked all weekend.  Ok, well it was actually for my sweet boyfriend’s birthday, which happened to also coincide with the blessed event.  But, either way, there were parties and baked goods had to be had.  To be honest, I expected that one of his friends that are girls would bring birthday-desserty options to the party, so to me, it became a competition.  Guess what!!  I WON!!!!  Ok, I may have won by default, because as it turns out, no one else brought desserts (those of you that brought queso though, bless you) but… I WON!  I am the best dessert baker EVER!  (For those of you that don’t know me, I’m not a big baker, so any small success is monumental for me.  I needed the confidence boost.)

First off, I could not decide what to make.  I knew I wanted to try something new, and I knew I wanted to make something totally decadent and to die for.  Check and check.  My first choice had to have peanut butter, because I have learned it is the way to my boyfriend’s heart (as long as I don’t touch his personal jar… he’s weird if you mess with his pb.)  I decided to make two different options (mostly because I was worried I’d mess one up and needed a backup).  Both were great, from two blogs that I really enjoy (thank you Pinterest for showing me great blogs!).  Totally depends on your taste, but I recommend both!

Reeses Cheesecake Brownies:

(photo from Pip and Ebby)

These were amazing.  Super over the top and decadant.  Must love peanut butter or these are a no-go.  See here for the recipe.  Hurry!

Next up, S’mores Bars:

S’more Cookie Bars | Crepes of Wrath.

(photo from Crepes of Wrath)

Compared to the Peanut Butter Brownies, these were SO MUCH less sweet.  But seriously, there is PLENTY o’ sugar to go around.  Much more simple, but if you dream of marshmellows around a campfire, these babies are for you.  Amazing.  I wish I’d taken the chance to eat them right out of the oven, heavenly!

If you don’t like chocolate or marshmellow or peanut butter… well, I just can’t help you.  You DO need help though.


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  1. Mallory

    like, like LOVE. The s’mores look like a clear winner.. the melty chocolate is so enticing. But then… peanut butter is sooo good… the baker approves.

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