Top Chef Texas: Padma, you’re killin’ me.

Dear Padma,

I do not love you, but I love Tom Colicchio and Gail and the rest of your show.  Top Chef is to be loved and revered, and I watch it religiously.  I was sooo happy you came to my homeland, as we clearly got some good cookin’ going on.  Chili, ribs, Tex-Mex, holla!  But, is this what you think Texans wear??  I have been all around this great state, and there are some ridiculous sites to be seen, yes, but I have NEVER seen a denim jumpsuit.  You hurt my heart and eyes and now, my reputation among all my friends that hail from other states.

Are we wearing a picnic table cloth?  Is that your boyfriend/lumberjack’s shirt??

Cute (ish), but no.  NO.  Denim and pleats?  NOOO.

Are we ready for our Quinceanera??

THE WORST.  There are no words.

Dear loyal readers, we have MUCH better style than this in Texas.  I promise.  Don’t judge me.  Also, a friendly reminder, while we might tote hefty firearms, we do not ride horses everywhere.  I said not everywhere

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