Wishin’ and Hopin’

Amazon.com – Wish List.

Have y’all checked this out?  As my birthday and Christmas are rapidly approaching (both equally sacred and wonderful), you probably need to add the “wish list” button from Amazon to your interwebs browser.  I’m a huge fan of the Amazon wish list, cause I have serious problems with the over-buying of books and movies, so I just send the link to my fam, and done!  BUT, did you know you can add the button to your browser toolbar, and add things from ANY website to your Amazon list?  So you have everything you’ve EVER wanted on one list.  Ohh, it’s dangerous.

Plus, you get entered to win things!  (I never win anything, but I do hope to score some rad Christmas presents.)

[This post was not sponsored by Amazon; the views expressed herein are solely my own.  I mean, if they wanted to pay me for things, byah!  But, I digress.]

I’m asking for a faux fur throw for my couch, some Tory Burch jewelry that I do NOT need, and a black clutch/crossbody purse to go out in.  In case anyone needs any ideas.


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