Speakeasy – WSJ.

How can I get a job blogging about what is happening when I’m just watching tv??  Not even commentary needed?  I can do a summary, I went to 3rd grade (and am a lawyer).  And, on WSJ, not even some crap-ass no-name “publication”.  I’m available!  (Promise I would try harder than I clearly do when I’m ranting blogging  after a glass of wine….)

Promise I’ll post about something real/potentially a little thoughtful/intellectual soon.  Work has been rough.

But, while I’m at it, regarding the current latest post on Speakeasy, a summary of the latest episode of Revenge (so glad WSJ recognizes it hah) (and per my fave tv taste maker) – love it!  It’s Count of Monte Cristo meets Gossip Girl – riiiight up my alley!  Don’t get me wrong, it’s not winning an Emmy or anything, but there are beautiful people, parties, clothes, and, duh, revenge!  Who would NOT want to watch this??  Guilty pleasure.

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