Late to the Party.

So I know I’m way behind the times; for someone that wishes she could be a blogger of some sort for a living, I should really be a little more hip (for some reason it always takes me a while to jump on board with the new technology – hell, I still don’t have an iphone, or ipad or really i-anything.  I’m chilling in the stone age with my blackberry; sorry, I like the keyboard.)  But, I finally joined Pinterest – it’s so fun.  Basically, it’s a customizable set of virtual bulletin boards for inspiration and fun things.  Mixed in with social networking – of course it’s brilliant!  As if I don’t waste enough time reading blogs and shopping online…  But it’s so fun and so addictive!  I only have two pins on my boards (one is of COURSE a bulldog).  But I’ve already found two new cooking blogs to add to my repertoire – very excited.  Soon, I’ll be ready to redecorate my whole apartment.  And I’ll be cooler than you.  They seem to have registered me to “follow” people – I’m sure those people are wondering why the f I’m following them, but clearly someone thinks they’re cool.  I hope to be that some day.  Follow me and be my friend – name is Linzerbeast, duh.  It’s my bedtime now, but you can be damn sure if I have a few spare minutes at work, my boards will be populated with the most awesome stuff.


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