New Shows!

FINALLY!  I can return home from a long day at work and know that a full tivo is at home, anxiously awaiting my return.  Some people have husbands and pets, I have a tivo.  Not at all pathetic.

Anyways, here’s a preview of what I’m checking out (NO, I’m NOT embarrassed by this list….)

2 Broke Girls

“You’re pathetic.  And that’s coming from someone that is homeless and wearing white after labor day.”

That was funny, I like snobby bitches.  Especially rich ones.  Alas, that is about all I have to say about this pilot.  There is a snarky kind of mean girl, which I also like, but they’re just not doing it for me.  Don’t get me wrong though, I watch plenty of bad tv (see below re: Most Eligible Dallas), so maybe I’ll give them a second chance?  I feel like this was hyped.  I read several magazine articles of the comic genius of Whitney Cummings, also the star of the pilot Whitney, but as of now, a tad underwhelmed.

Two and a Half Men

I’ve never actually tivoed this before, but of course I had to check out all the hype surrounding Ashton Kutcher.  Gotta say, kind of funny episode (a lot of really inappropriate things said at a funeral), but again, not feeling it.  They should have just started a new and different show, because it’s never going to be the same without the Tiger Blood, so I say cut your losses and move on.  I’ll probably delete them from my tivo because I have a lot of commitments on Monday – GG (xoxo, I’ve missed you!), Most Eligible, Giuliana and Bill (LOVE Bill!), How I Met Your Mother and more.

New Girl

Time Warner Cable FAIL.  For some reason this didn’t tivo, but I was girlishly excited about it – I think Zoey Dechanel is adorable and pretty fun (seen Elf??  Also, she’s hilarious in the little-known modern classic Failure to Launch – just kidding, don’t judge me, I hated that movie and I think Sarah Jessica Parker is pretttty annoying, but Zoey’s character is so funny)  Plus, she’s in a band and has a cool unique look.  Anyways, I’ll call TWC, have a little talking to, and hope I can catch the next episode.  I guess I can watch it online (like a commoner, sheesh).  I will update.


Haven’t watch the pilot yet, I have heard underwhelming reviews of people that are ahead of me on their tube of boo.

Pan Am

People seem to think this is the new Mad Men.  I’m VERY skeptical.  Noone can mess with Don Draper.  But, I like tv, so I shall give it a chance. 

I’m excited for the return of all my favorites as well.  I’m probably going to need to cut down on my work and social commitments to fit everything in (and fight with my boyfriend for the tv on Sundays and Monday nights).  Don’t tell me I should read a book, I know.

What are y’all watching?  Any suggestions??

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  1. Heather

    I haven’t watched yet, but I TIVOed “Revenge” because that girl I like from Brothers & Sisters is in it. I’ll let you know what I think…

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