HGTV Has Caused a Career Crisis.

Help!  I can’t stop watching HGTV!  Can. Not. Stop.  Any show, every show, I don’t care.  Last Sunday, I zapped 5+ hours on this baby.  Real estate, flipping houses, decorating, even doing all those things on a budget (and I don’t like budgets).  Yet, it didn’t inspire me to clean up my own apartment… Huh.  Funny how things work.

I want to be a designer (interior/spacial/architectural, not fashion (though that’d be real fun too, but I’m pretty sure I just can’t learn to sew)).  I think I can learn to build shit though.  I’m sure I can be creative, it’s just that that part of my brain might have been suffocated in law school.  Surely it can be revived.

I think I’m having a career crisis.  What, you say?  After working for only 9 months (you brat)??  Yes, I know (it’s probably cause I have to go into work on Sunday).  I think it’s something that’s part of my generation’s genetics though.  Feeling antsy, inability to commit, expectation of smooth sailing, unwillingness to put in grunt work.  It used to be that people stayed at the same job/company for their entire lives.  My dad just had his 30th anniversary at his company (they gave him a paddle boat – yeah, I dunno…).  Unfathomable to me.  It just is (Don’t tell my firm.  Actually, don’t tell them about this entire post, k?).  I have friends that have already had twice as many jobs as my father has.  What’s up with that?  Anyways, unfortunately, I also just read this article in the New York Times about people’s “dream”/”plan B”/second careers are grueling and hard.  Well, duh, I know that.  But something about envisioning some crazy, different, creative career is really appealing.  Not surprising that many of the people interviewed in the Times article were lawyers in their past lives.  I feel y’all!  Clearly I’m not destined for a career change any time in the next, ugh, what?, 10 years?, but it’s still fun to think about.

Maybe my Dad will start a business with me flipping houses.  He likes to tinker around the house.  He can do the heavy lifting,  I’ll pick out the paint colors.  And the carpet (Just kidding…I hate carpet.).


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