I’M More Eligible…

I know I’ve been really terrible about the blogginess lately.  My bad.  But clearly I could not allow this show to be tv on without comment.  But alas, I’m nearly (just nearly!) speechless.    I swear everyone in Dallas is NOT like this (though I have in fact found it to be increasingly infiltrated by Ed Hardy-, designer jeans-wearing bros (brahs?)  According to that blonde chick, the proper term is in fact Guido Von Douchie, s’cuse me.)  But really, if this is the best that Dallas has to offer, I’ll be moving to Antarctica where there is a more viable social scene.

photo via Bravo TV

I’ve really only chosen to tivo it 1) to see what kind of flak I should expect from people that aren’t from Dallas and think this is all it has to offer (or that think I’m like this), and 2)  I know one of the … characters.  Well, I know the sibling of said character, but we have met several times (they likely do not know me, cause as you can tell from one episode, I’m SOOO not cool enough to run with this crew).  Accurate portrayal.  That’s as much as I’m going to say about…that.

I really had to die when the girl that manages a Sunglasses hut was trying to play it up like she’s a serious player in her industry.  Really???  Give me a break, that’s barely a job.  Yes lady, people on yachts DO wear sunglasses, but at $7.50 an hour, you won’t be one of them.  And you’re not saving the world.

And the girl that picked up a black rescue dog and named in Shaniqua?  Pretty sure that one is not quiiiite P.C.

Ouch.  Can’t decide if this is a better portrayal of Dallas than Big Rich Texas.  If you have no idea what I’m talking about,  you’re way out of the loop, so last-season, but this is it (don’t judge me for 1) me watching it or 2) being from Dallas!!):

Most Eligible Dallas – Season 1 – Bravo TV Official Site.

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  1. Sorry for the double post – the other one posted some weird website instead of mine so please delete it if you can (sorry). So here’s my post:

    You’re SO right on about this show (and the Big Texas atrocity). I’m from Dallas and trust me, this group of wannabes are NOT “the most eligible.” The most eligible i.e. most old money yet still single, wouldn’t dare go on a reality show (or at least one of this caliber). The only other show I can think of that’s grosses me out more is the Toddlers and Tiaras scary mess. I didn’t watch it on purpose, I swear. I don’t even have kids but to my shock and horror, one day there they were … shaking their three year old booties in full make-up, fake teeth, and teased hair (or wigs?). Either way, let’s just say I couldn’t find the remote fast enough. Yuck and double yuck.

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