So, as you know, I’m INCREDIBLY busy and important with work, so that must explain my absence from the blog world.  Or, as you might expect, totally not work.  Frankly, I’ve been a lazy a-hole.  But ALSO, I’ve become absurdly obsessed with Damages – have y’all watched this???  Such a dramatic (yes, absurd and not realistic for a law firm (but really, none of y’all want my job, and tv producers know it so they must embellish)) show!  Glenn Close – I’ve always loved her, mostly as Cruella Deville in the real-life-person version of 101 Dalmatians (on my Christmas list, for any of my loved ones that are reading, ah hem) – she’s so amazing.  Evil, yet you want to be her and want her to love you.  Perfect.  Anyways, it’s one of those shows that shows you a scene from the season finale in the first show, and then spends all the episodes working backwards and going back and forth until YOU’RE STUCK watching all shows for an entire weekend because you can’t stand not to know what happens (and then spending the next week going bed late and being tired at work because you have to watch just one more.)  Sigh.  Hard life.  Seriously, is this really what’s ruining my social life?!?  Did I really like all those people anyways…?

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