fancy wines

How fun are these wines??  I stole them from one of my favorite blogs (thanks!), but I had to share because I feel like these are very useful (ah hem, wine is a great way to win me over, if you’re ever looking for one…)

The quickest way to impress someone is … to get them drunk:

Wouldn’t mind receiving this one from a few people:

My personal fave – looking for some good karma (mom, please ignore that)!

A fantastic hostess gift:

I can’t actually tell what kind of wine is in these fabulous bottles, but after a point (i.e. 3/4 of the bottle), do you really care??  It seems that they might all be the same and you’re just buying whatever suits the occasion.  Which I think I’m ok with.  Anyways, drink up!  I’ll be awaiting my gifts in the mail, okthanks.  Oh, order them here!


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