dreaming of getting away…

I’ve found that one of my ways of dealing with stress (throughout college, law school, bar exam) has been to plan and look forward to my next big adventure.  This has been the first time in a while that I have not had a trip planned, or the hope of a future trip.  Working and being a grownup sucks!  But, a girl can dream, right?  And I WILL make it a priority to figure out how to fit in adventures with my career, dangit!  So I’ve gone in search of inspiration:

100 Places to Go Before They Disappear – Travel and Leisure

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This book looks amazing.  Coming out in a week, it’s perfect for Earth Day yesterday.  It highlights one hundred places in the world that are in danger of disappearing.  Glaciers, places that will be affected by rising water levels, coral that might die from rising temperatures.  Amazing places.  This a perfect coffee table book and an amazing inspiration.

Wadden Sea, Denmark – you can walk on water!

Pret a Voyager Blog
This is a really cute blog that features a lot of interviews with other travel bloggers and expats abroad.

Cult of Beauty Exhibition at the Victoria and Albert Museum – something awesome to do in London in case  your Royal Wedding invitation got lost in the mail (like mine did…).

Halong Bay, Vietnam – absolutely on my life list of places to see (full(er) list coming soon!)

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Jet-Setting with Jet-Setters
I’m definitely buying this book when it comes out.  It is a combo of a coffee table book and a travel guidebook with tips from the people that hop from fabulous locale to fabulous locale.  Favorite places, what’s in their carry-ons, where to eat.  Need.  Buy it here.

Cape Town, South Africa – also on my list.

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