I’ll take the ‘poo, thank you.


How Getting Dirty Can Save You Money | Living Frugally | Style & Beauty | LearnVest – Where life gets richer.

Read this link… Um, this is definitely a trend that I CANNOT get on board with… No ‘poo??  First off, I’m not even mature enough to say that out loud without giggling like a 12-year old.  Secondly, giving up shampoo and soap?  Um… No.

Apparently Jessica Simpson only washes her hair two or three times a month?  And Prince Harry (my love, what has happened to you???) NEVER shampoos his hair?  You’re in the military sir, that’s just gross.  What kind of critters are growing in these people’s nests on their heads??

Apparently not only is this good for your wallet, and I guess you have more free time since bathing is obviously unnecessary, it’s I guess better for the environment.  I’m not that into going green, sorry world.  While my hair cutter tries to tell me not to wash my hair as much, this is really taking it to the extreme.  And my skin will be more moisturized by not using soap?  I’m ok with splurging on lotion, thankyouverymuch.

Ick.  Reading this makes me want to go shower.  With soap.

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