I heart DVF

DIANE von FURSTENBERG – Journey of a Dress Opens at the Pace Gallery in Beijing.

In case you happen to be passing through the neighborhood… in China… go see DVF!  I love this woman, she’s FABULOUS.  One of the (famous) women (that I do not actually know in real life) that I really, truly respect.

I would just die to go to this exhibit because she has lived such a ridiculously amazing life.  First off, she is the daughter of Holocaust survivors, then she married a prince (Swiss) – I’m still working on that one – I want to be just like her (Harry, you’re the hotter of the two of you anyways, plus you don’t have the responsibility of having to be king, so clearly you can play more – call me).  Secondly, she has built an incredible fashion empire.  Her wrap dresses are fashion icons that will NEVER go out of style (I may or may not own more than my share).  She jokes that the only men in her company are waiters or drivers.  That’s not entirely true, but shit’s funny.

Finally, and most awesomely, she’s an incredible philanthropist.  She and her current husband, Barry Diller (also an icon and mogul, talk about a power couple) have pledged, along with the likes of Warren Buffet, the Gates, Carl Icahn and Barron Hilton, to give a majority of their wealth to philanthropy through the Giving Pledge.


Anyways, not only does the exhibit display her fashion archives (which would bring me running as it is), but also pieces from her apparently legendary art collection, including works from Andy Warhol, Helmut Newton, Mario Testino, and Chuck Close.  I WISH this exhibit would travel to Dallas, or really to this country in general.  At least she just opened a boutique in Dallas – I’ll be going stat.

More links for ma lady:

My girl crush’s blog (Elements of Style) – her post is much better written than mine.


This is the dress I really wanted… but it was just too short.  Saddest day ever.



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