google art project

View of Toledo, El Greco

This website is amazing!!!  My fabulous friend from college came to visit this weekend and he told me about the Google art project website so I had to check it out immediately – how have I NOT heard of this before??  You can virtually walk through some of the world’s best museums and you can get freakishly high def views of major works of art.  It’s as if you’re actually in the museum and can guide yourself through the halls (except the site lets you zoom in way closer than the security guards let you put your nose to the paintings (I have trouble not touching textured paint – and apparently security guards can totally tell that about me… watching me like a hawk)). You can also create your own saved collection of your favorite paintings – love it!  I’ve always secretly (or maybe not so secretly) wanted to be a curator…

I was blessed to get to go to college in DC where tons of the museums are free and readily available.  Instead of sitting in class just looking at slides all the time, my art history classes got to meet at the Smithsonian.  My architecture class had us go sit and draw the monuments and the buildings around the city.  And I’ve been SO blessed to get to travel as much as I have… and this site is so great for people that haven’t had those opportunities.  Very cool.

The Cathedral, Kupka

I’m hoping this project is a work in progress and they’ll continue adding new museums.  They need to add some of my faves!

-Peggy Guggenheim Collection in Venice
-the big kid Guggenheim in NYC
-Musee d’Orsay in Paris
-the Kimbell in Ft. Worth (Texas) (just visited this weekend, more on that to come)
-I guess in terms of having standard good art, they should have the Louvre, but frankly, it’s not my favorite…
-the Nasher Sculpture Center in Dallas
-the Albertina and various other museums around Vienna

The Dream, Rousseau

What else am I missing?

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