Off the Map


Now that my apartment is newly decorated (see below), I have a whole new lease on life.  So now, I can sit around in a place that actually seems like a real house (and makes me sooo happy) and do the important things in life… like catch up on my tivo (good to know I have my priorities in line, right?).

Don’t judge me, but have y’all ever watched Off the Map?  It’s like a combo of Grey’s Anatomy (ehhhh) and Lost (yeeeeah! (but without all that weird polar bear shit)).  Basically it’s a doctor show in the jungle, a romanticized version of what I imagine Doctors Without Borders to be like (just like I like to pretend my job is like Boston Legal (or that bad lawyer show that only lasted a few episodes (but had lots of hot people))).  Anyways, I am oddly obsessed with it.  Maybe because everyone’s hot.  Or the idea of running away to Central America (with hot people!) sounds sooo appealing a lot of the time. (Fair warning though, there are a lot of gross, doctory things that happen.  It’s one of those shows I can’t pay too much attention to or I’ll be worrying I have some tropical disease and then I’ll try to WebMD it and decide I am dying.  P.s. I think I’ve finally decided that I did not in fact contract any crazy illness from Asia, not even SARS or Dengue Fever.)

Anyways, that’s my guilty pleasure these days.  You’re welcome for sharing.


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