redecorating my life

In my next life, I want a fun, creative job.  Like an interior designer…  In fact, I want this girl’s life – I have a total girl crush on her.  She is gorgeous, has amazing taste, and makes things pretty for a living – can I please be her??  Her blog (Elements of Style) that I adore and read freakishly often makes my life and job feel gray and boring (though let’s be real, my job IS gray and boring).    So that’s why I’ve recently become obsessed with decorating my apartment – I at least want to be able to come home to somewhere amazing.

It’s really kind of an exhausting endeavor.  I spent months, literally MONTHS, stewing over a tv console.  But I was afraid to commit to anything that would be a major piece of the apartment, because then you’re stuck with the style and color… forever!  Maybe that’s a tad dramatic, but that’s how I feel.  But finally, I got tired of my tv sitting on my old desk, so I took the plunge.  Here it is!  It’s already made my life better.  Unfortunately, the list of items to obtain continues to grow – I guess it will be a constant work in progress.

But today I’m planning for big changes – my daddy is coming over to hang up EVERYTHING.  I’m not completely inept with my power drill (of course I have a power drill!), but I can’t handle everything being crooked, so I decided to leave it to the expert.  Or I’m lazy.  Whichever.  As a lover of art and photography, I have TONS of framed things that have been on the floor leaning against the wall since I moved in … in October!  Oops.  But I’m excited to have some color finally – I think it’ll do a lot for my mental health.  I feel like my apartment  is a sea of taupe and brown so the goal is to fix that stat!

I wish my apartment looked like these rooms:

(Photos from Elements of Style and the Pursuit of Style blogs – my obsessions.  They make me make my blog prettier and better – stay tuned – another work in progress…)

I’m obviously craving color in my house and life.  So I’m working on it!  Maybe someday soon I’ll have some photos of my own place to show you (I’m SURE you’re holding your breath…)


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3 responses to “redecorating my life

  1. Sarah

    Ok, ok, you just forced me to get my butt off my new sofa and treck on out to Louis Shanks to order my freak expensive chairs. To our decorating obsession!

  2. Kate K

    I hope that your future house has lots of ladders. They will come in handy during Alliday.

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