bustin’ caps

Most people spend their Saturday mornings hungover, or at brunch, or at the gym (well, not MY people, but some people).  I spent my Saturday morning having “family time” at the gun range.  Yup.  Am I Texan, or am I Texan?

So I’ve never shot a handgun before (only hunting apparatuses normally), but my dad (and apparently every other old man in this state judging by the crowd this morning) is afraid that Obama is going to take away their guns so our family all has to get concealed handgun licenses before, I dunno, you can’t get them anymore?  I mean, really, I haven’t been dying to tote around a handgun in my designer purse.  But, whatever.

As it turns out, shit’s fun!  Such good stress relief!  And kind of badass if I don’t say so myself…  We shot a several different guns, my favorite which, I kid you not, the instructor says “try this one, it’s the one the governor carries every day”… only in Texas…


(p.s., she’s holding it wrong…just sayin’)


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