The Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

Nope, it’s not Christmas… it’s March Madness!!!  Say goodbye to productivity at work (though let’s be real, I’m not all that productive on a daily basis).  Hello to being grumpy all day when a school I’ve never heard of beats my team – hello, Morehead State sounds like a fake school (and sounds a little dirty if you ask the 12 year old boy that lives in my brain).

My pick is of course my alma mater, Georgetown (hoya saxa!).  I mean, how could you NOT cheer for this pup???  This is Jack.  He’s a bulldog, not a hoya (don’t ask me what a hoya is, it’s nerdy and silly).  He just kills me.  I NEED one.

I am an emotional better.  I usually put Georgetown in my final four no matter how unreasonable.  Syracuse always has to lose first because they’re our biggest rival (and they have ugly uniforms and an a-hole coach).  But this year, I’m trying to win some G’s.  So I’m trying to be reasonable in my bracket picks.  So I only put Georgetown into the Sweet 16.  And now, I feel like a total a-hole for being disloyal to my boys.  See, Jack’s pissed at me:

Anyways, this time of year brings out what a sore loser I am.  I’m kind of hard to be around.  If your team beats mine, you should probably just go away.  I know, I’m a child, but it’s going to have to go under the “part of my charm” category.  I’ll need a moment (and a drink).  I’m already at the bottom of my bracket after half of a day of play… it’s going to be a long March.  At least I have this guy (yup, I never get tired of posting fotos of HIM):

I’m sure I’ll update.  Stay tuned.


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