Swoon (I know, I said swoon, gross)

…but bear with me here…


Read this blog that this dude writes to his future wife (who seems like she is still out there and not yet with him?)… It’s amazing.  Very unlike me to be all sappy and swoony, but how adorable is this guy and his blog??  I die.  He loves gchat, wine, will NOT propose on a jumbotron in front of thousands of people, doesn’t want his wife to bake AND he mentions All That (Yes, I know who Lori Beth is!  Marry me!)  Gotta say, might be the perfect man.  Kills me.


Neither of us can be romantic all the time, shit’s not real and wouldn’t last. As long as we remember that we still can be, there will be plenty of romance.”

Perfect combo of sweet but hilarious.  “Shit’s not real”?!?  My life motto right there.  Love you, sir.  Except you offer your future wife the window seat… lost me there – I’m an aisle girl.   You’re forgiven.

I can’t EVEN imagine how many chicks this guy gets.

post script: couldn’t sleep, so had to read more of my dream man’s blog… HE WANTS BULLDOGS!!  Soul mate!!  If he’d be willing to go to Bosnia on a trip, I’d propose to him right now.  Sight (site? site, right? maybe both?) unseen.  I hope he lets me have a girl bulldog with an old lady name – still leaning towards Bernice, but that’s negotiable.  We can have a boy (dog) too, that’s ok.

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