Since I pretty much know all of my very few readers (as far as I can tell…), I just want to let you know that tomorrow begins Lent, and while I haven’t shown myself lately to be an overly devout overly practicing Christian (let’s be real, I’m Methodist and I’m pretty sure that we aren’t even required to give up anything anyways), I will no longer be stalking you… via Facebook (or, as I prefer to call it, the Book).  Maybe through other methods hah.  So really the season of Lent is going to be an exercise in self control.  I might even have to get a friend to change my password so I can’t check my own profile without threatening her (you probably know who you are… I’ve done the same service for you in the past).  But it’s weird.  I remember the invention of the book… I was a sophomore in college (am I dating myself here?), and I remember a total lack of understanding of the concept.  Like… “I already have friends, why do I need to “friend” someone virtually?  There is no point to this”  And now I feel like people cannot function without it.  I mean, people take time out of their day to “like” things like greek yogurt…  what the hell?!?  Anyways, point is I’m giving up the Book for Lent, so I expect that I will have tons of free time.   Take that Mark Zuckerberg!   Maybe I’ll post more things on this site… or just watch more tv and drink more wine.  Keep you posted.

(p.s. see my past thoughts (ok, rants) on the Book…)

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  1. Meg

    Can totally remember when I first heard about the book. I think Lent is a nice excuse for anyone to try and exercise a little self control as an alternative to the new year resolution which most of us have forgotten already anyway.

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