Ok, this is completely absurd, but it made me laugh this Saturday morning so I had to share.  Did you know YOU were peeling your bananas wrong??  (Or at least like a human being?  Lame.)

On a (slightly?) related note, check out my monkey pictures that I took outside of the Batu Caves in Kuala Lampur.  If I’d have known how monkeys were supposed to peel their bananas, I would have checked to see if they were doing it correctly.

They were NOT scared of people.  In fact, I feel like they stole little kids’ snacks and stuff.  If I weren’t afraid of rabies or some exotic Asian animal disease that I don’t even know about, I might have pet one.  Probably not though.

Their home.

(This made me realize I never posted pictures from the second half (at least) of my Asian adventure.  My bad.  Maybe some day.)

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