I’m baaaack!

Hey all three readers out there!  Are you still there?  I’m sure you’ve been devastated by my absence, but I promise not to abandon you again (for a while at least…).  Due to recent life changes, I suddenly have more free me time and am ready to get back out there (not dating-wise, I’ve learned, but at least on the interwebs).  I’m in need of new projects, so along with decorating my apartment and making it more of a home (I’ll certainly have updates about that), I’m going to try to write  more.  Make better use of my free time instead of constantly worrying about making sure there is enough free space on ma tivo!  Read more, do more pilates, try new things, be a cool person again (*cue snippy comment about how I was never cool*… so glad people can’t talk back to you (as much) on your own blog bahaha).  Until I make this site as cool as I am, check out my new links as I have some friends with great new blogs…   Stay tuned…



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2 responses to “I’m baaaack!

  1. urbanebeast

    ok, this is really what I’ve actually been doing with my free time: http://hmahurin.blogspot.com/2011/02/competitive-saturday.html

  2. Nic

    I, for one, was completely devastated by your absence and thrilled to see you’re back!!

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