I need to move…

I just found this cool blog with amazing castles… Suddenly my digs are looking real lame.  Come oooon, lottery, pick me!

Of course I had to add one from my fave city to the list… Prague… sigh… I miss you.

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3 responses to “I need to move…

  1. David

    Great city! Coolest bars I’ve ever been to anywhere. Best beer. Crazy liquors. Craziest pink hair on old ladies. Stench of oldness in the castle. Soviet street car system. Franz Kafka… yaaaaah.

    The weirdest and craziest bar I’ve ever been to is in Prague. Car engines hanging in booths. Computer circuit boards on the walls. Engine gears and stuff going all over. Snake like things with red eyes moving along the ceiling on the dance floors. Just crazy. I finally found the website (i think). It’s a little toned down from ’07 when I was there but I was also hammered. I need to hope the quickest plane to Prague possible!


    Someone’s blog about it (how i tracked it down):

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