leaving on a jet plane…

So, tomorrow I am off for my big adventure.  Southeast Asia and Japan.  Three weeks.  NBD.

I’d love to take my computer and blog along the way, but please see below post re: traveling light.  Don’t worry, I plan to post plenty upon my return, and maybe we’ll see if I find an internet cafe between here and there and here.  If for no other reason than to let my mama know I’m alive.  You may have to wait (with bated breath, NO doubt…) till my triumphant return to get all my pictures.  Sad, I know.  But I got a new camera – Canon Rebel T1i DSLR – so things should be looking good.  I have until tomorrow to figure out how to use it… (the following is not my photo… we’ll see if I can do as well, hah).

photo credit

For now, here is my itinerary.  I feel like it’s a good mix of city and country.  Towers and killing fields.  Bullet trains and rickshaws.   City lights and no running water (but if you know me, I’m a snob, so where I sleep WILL have running water).  (This is why it’s so hard to pack light!)

1.  Hong Kong

2.  Ho Chi Minh City/Saigon, Vietnam

3.  Siem Reap, Cambodia

photo credit

4.  Phnom Penh, Cambodia

5.  Kuala Lampur, Malayisa

6.  Tokyo, Japan

7.  Kyoto, Japan

8.  Hiroshima/Miyajima, Japan

9.  Dallas, Texas

My fabulous traveling buddy planned our entire Southeast Asia trip while I was studying for the bar exam, so I for sure owe him some awesome dinners in return for this amazing service.  Especially after finding it very stressful to book a week in Japan on a budget for my brother and I.  For someone as type-A and lawyerly as me, you’d think I’d be more detail oriented.  I have found it excruciating and stressful.

Another lesson I learned:  just because it is on the same continent, does not mean it is a quick puddle-jumper flight away.  Turns out Japan = real far.  Haha.  I’m so American in that I am ridiculously unaware of the scale of a map.  Or a continent.  I thought I could quickly hop over to Japan from KL.   Turns out it is a seven and a half hour overnight flight that is, in fact, NOT cheap.  Ahh, ignorance.

Update:  I DID fit all of my things in one (not that gigantic) suitcase.  Look at me, growing and changing.

Stay tuned for my Asian adventures!


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