trying to lighten up

Three weeks.  Five countries.  One suitcase.  This is my dilemma.

I’ve never been known as one to travel light.  Hell, my Tod’s purse that I carry on a daily basis probably weighs more than a small child.  You could probably put a small child in it in fact.  Or one of those yippie puppies.  Hopefully someday my future bulldog.  And that’s just for running around during the day.  I like to have all my things with me at all times.  What am I going to do for three weeks with one bag, moving places every 2-3 days???  What about all my crap??

I realize that as the type-A lawyer-like person I am, it makes sense that I carry, well, a lot of baggage with me.  I’m soooo not the laid-back, go-with-the-flow girl.  Wish I was… can’t do it.  But, with my impending round the world trip, I might just have to be that girl.  Or be a lawyer dressing up as that girl.  I’m afraid this might mean rewearing a lot of outfits (gasp!).  And not bringing a different face cream for day and night (my mom does not think three weeks a new wrinkle makes, but I’m not sure I believe her.)  Maybe no straigtening iron for my hair.  If I finish my novel, I guess I don’t get to tote along with me three different options for my next book to read, as you never know what you’re going to feel like reading next.  And, most devastatingly, it seems I will not be able to bring a full arsenal of shoes and purses.  Things just might not match.

I realize that I will only know one person in each of these countries.  The locals will (hopefully!) not remember me as the tourist with bad (yet comfortable!) shoes and a purse that doesn’t perfectly match.  Or remotely match.  I’ve always been of the opinion that just because you’re traveling doesn’t mean you get to dress frumpily.  No fanny packs, no orthopedic shoes.  OH, and none of those flesh-colored, strap-over, under-the-shirt, passport wallets gaaah!  This is how you get targeted as a know-nothing tourist.  I want to look cool and posh like the places I visit.  Posh.  Non-frumpy.  Light.  No baggage.  I’m getting a headache.

On the up side, I did purchase a travel-sized bottle of Febreeze yesterday.  Look at me, turning over a newer, dirtier, wrinklier, leaf.

Stay tuned for the results of this most daunting experiment.


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