Re: Eat, Pray, Blarg…

No Eat, No Pray, No Book Deal | VF Daily | Vanity Fair.

This is a funny little blog post about a woman’s journey through literary agent rejections in an attempt to publish her novel targeted to the late 20’s-early 30’s female crowd.  As a member of this crowd, the responses from real agents and publishers make me embarrassed and appalled to be associated with this demographic:  “Last time I went out with a novel it was “Needs more evil fashion editor.” Now it’s “Needs more eating, praying, loving.”  Frankly, I miss the evil fashion editor.

“Are there vampires in this novel?”  I thought this was targeted at 20s/30s, not ‘tweens’ (by the way I find the label ‘tween’ gross and creepy for some reason).

One agent said she needed to speak from a “promotional platform”… does this mean cheaply marketed and easily transferred to chick flick?

One said she needed to deal with more life-changing issues.

Now, mind you, I have no idea if this writer is worth her salt or what the hell her novel is even about, but the responses from agents make me feel like the publishing world thinks I’m an idiot.  Stupid Elizabeth Gilbert, you have ruined my life.  I don’t just sit around and drink Pinot Grigio and watch Oprah!  (Yes, I sit around and drink red wine aplenty and watch Chelsea Handler, but that is neither here nor there.)  Maybe I need to blame my demographic for the crap they like to read.  I dunno.  Maybe I’m just missing the appeal of Eat, Pray, Love and Oprah’s book club.  Or maybe, I should be a literary agent (note to self: add to list of potential careers if bar exam proves to be a massive failure).  I DO want to start a book club however, so let me know if there are any takers.  The below book will NOT be included.

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Addendum:  As I was looking for an image to put in this post, I stumbled across, and now I’m real mad.  Yes, I know I’m a book snob – I’m sure that’s become apparent to all (two) of you.  Is there nothing better to read???  I’m shocked and horrified that Lauren Conrad of Laguna Beach and The Hills fame has written a novel.  Oy.  It hurts.


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  1. Mallory

    “Yes, I sit around and drink red wine aplenty and watch Chelsea Handler, but that is neither here nor there.”

    Totally different.

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