hold on to your bags…

How to Buy Lost Luggage Bargains – Articles – Travel + Leisure.

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Read this totally weird article about what happens when people don’t claim their lost luggage.  First off, do these people just have so much shit that it’s not worth their time not to claim their luggage?  I’d sure as hell be pestering the crap out of an airline that had a bag of mine containing a $46,000 6 carat diamond ring.

Next, it’s totally bizarre to me that this company has been able to dominate the market on lost luggage (yeah, that’s weird to even say that such a market actually exists) by managing to contract with ALL of the major U.S. carriers.  I feel like I’d want to go complain about it… but maybe I’ll just locate the nearest store and go shopping!

Lastly, please just scroll through the article and check out the kinds of things sold in this mecca of lost luggage.  A suit of armor???  I stopped flying with mine during a zen phase of trying to travel light.  But good to know I’d be able to purchase a replacement at a very reasonable price. Also, the wedding gowns?  Sounds like something you’d notice was missing if you neglected to pick up your luggage.  What the hell, people?

Lessons to remember for my upcoming trip to Asia:  don’t get so drunk on the plane so as to forget to pick up bags …  don’t fly with pet snake… suit of armor probably best suited for carry-on.


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