Mobile Wine!

Mobile Wine Apps (via The Oenologist: Sipping on Wine Culture)

Where is the Blackberry one?? Blackberry users deserve wine too, no? It’s one thing that I miss out on mobile RueLaLa and Words with Friends for lack of an iphone, but now this? Too much.

Anyways, check these out. You can pretend to be a wine snob when in reality, you’re just cheating. I like it. Fake it till you make it, baby.

Mobile Wine Apps It should be no surprise by now that I work in technology. As such, I've got a special relationship with my smartphone. So it's only logical that I try to integrate wine into my mobile life. As Apple has made me come to expect, there's an app for that, too. So, I've done some research for y'all and compiled the best wine apps across Android and Apple platforms below. Take a look and let me know if I missed any good ones. iPhone * Hello Vino. Prov … Read More

via The Oenologist: Sipping on Wine Culture

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