why i’ll be poor when i grow up…

Can It Be True? Study Says Women Spend $25,000 On Shoes In A Lifetime:luckymag.com.

So this study says that the average woman in her lifetime will spend $25,000 on shoes and own an average of 470 pairs.  At first that seems ridiculous, but let’s be real…  it’s a long life and you need all kinds of shoes.  I did the math really quickly, and 470 pairs of shoes and $25,000 comes about to be about an average of $53 per pair of shoes.  Ouch.  I own many pairs of shoes that clock in at 3 to 6 times as much.  I’m going to choose not to redo the math on my personal (probably judge-worthy) spending habits.  So when my current car poops out and I’m wondering why I can’t have a new one, y’all may refer me to this post.


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