notes from starbucks

So… If you haven’t guessed, the reason I’ve been so scarce on this here blog is for my bar studying.  But a girl needs a break sometimes!  And, as I don’t do too too much except study and recover from studying, I don’t have much to blog about that isn’t whining.  So, I shall whine.  Just a few bitchy observations.

1.  GO TO WORK PEOPLE!  Don’t you have jobs???  A lot of the people sitting in this particular Starbucks seem to be wearing work-y clothes.  Do you not have an office?  If so, does no one care that you’re not there??

2.  Speaking of people in work-y clothes in Starbucks, there is some VERY work-inappropriate attire for young ladies hanging around here.  Clearly, the outfits are intended to be worky.  But, they are real short, or real low cut, or got some hooker heels going on.  Don’t get me wrong, I love me some hooker heels, but if your legs are already waaay hanging out, maybe rethink.

3.  I really hate people loudly complaining about how busy and stressed they are when they clearly are not.  Try studying for the bar or going to law school then we’ll talk.  These are like the music students that would take over the law school cafe – complaining about their hard lives were.  Bite me, you play the violin for a living.  Sorry if that sounds angry… But it IS angry haha.

4.  This isn’t a rant per se, but just a reflection on the interesting characters around here.  I was walking out of Starbucks yesterday and a man chased me out and handed me a handwritten lined sheet of paper, saying “I asked God what he thought of you and this is what he said.”  I still have the paper.  It explains that I am called to be a leader of men and an intercessor to God.  I will keep you posted on my progress in that area.

5.  Another fashion note:  leggings alone with short shirts are a NO GO.  Even if you have the body for it, you still look like a weird alien.  If you don’t have the body for it, I will refrain from further comment since I’m clearly not in the mood to be nice today.

Maybe I should switch to decaf?

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One response to “notes from starbucks

  1. Dave D

    So I’m working and bored on a Sunday.

    #1 Maybe we can look at it as the 21st century version of day labor

    #2 The hooker-ization of America by the porn industry? That sounds a little right wing? hmm

    #3 They could be in med school..buuuuut I doubt it:)

    #4 Marriage councelor or Senator. I’ll go with Senator?

    #5 I have no comment on that.

    no, mooooore caffeine! -d

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